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Forward by the Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol

Below is a selection of information about Wau Diocese. Some of it is factual and some is emotional. All of it is just us. It gives me great pleasure to be able to offer this insight to our world made possible through the use of our own internet connection. There is a link on each folder image to a folder on the internet with files of information. 

The focus of the information is given by the name on the folders. Please be aware that some of the files are very large, but we hope wotth the trouble to see. Much learning done through personal contact and we always seek partners to come to us in fellowship as well as knowledge. So I really hope that this information helps you to get to know us a little and see what it may be like to join with us in fellowship. We face many challenges but also have much to share. It has never been so important, especially now in South Sudan, to look for peace and seek out in each other the peace we all need and that Jesus brought to us in his teachings. We would like to do that with partners in faith, perhaps you may be such a partner. 

There is no particular order to these files so please browse and enjoy. 

  Every Blessing +Moses  

Wau Folder image  A Selection of Pictures

        Wau Folder Image  About Wau Diocese

       Wau Folder Image  Bishop Moses Deng Bol

         Wau Folder Image Some Sermons by Bishop Moses

        Wau Folder Image  Some Short Movies

  Wau Diocese Folder Image CARD - The Wau Diocese Development Agency

        Wau Folder Image  St John's College

        Wau Diocese Folder  Wau Diocese Newsletters and Publications

        Wau Diocese Folder  Working for Peace and Reconciliation


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It has been our pleasure to provide this Lent Study Course. We have done this for free because we have been able to and also we really want to share the Good News of Jesus with as many people as possible. We hope that it has helped you to grow in faith and knowledge.

As an Anglican diocese in South Sudan we have many practical needs that require help. So we would very much like you to consider making a donation to Wau Diocese or partnering with us in our work. Practical help can be just as valuable as money.

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