War Child Rehabilitation Program

Wau Diocese is pleased to announce it's link with the New Hope Foundation Charity. Please see more below.

"The number of street children in our towns these days is startling. There has been a steady increase in their numbers since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. Their existence is as a result of death of their parents during the long intermittent wars that have lasted a whole generation. An equally good number of these children have been orphaned through the deaths of their parents to HIV/AIDS scourge that has ravaged a section of the Sudanese population.

WCRP plans to build homes for such children orphaned and vulnerable children around the Southern Sudan's ten States. These homes will serve as refuge for these children. This programme seeks to rid the streets all the street children within the next two years. In the homes, the children will be fed, sheltered in a formal setting, afforded quality education and training that will equip them with adequate skills that can benefit them once they get out of homes upon attaining a certain age."

NYIBOL MADUT PAKAK                                            Read the full project proposal here