The Diocese of Wau Vision Conference


Bishop Moses TeachesHis lordship, Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol was consecrated on 29th November 2009 and was enthroned on March 14th 2010. He organized a very fantastic vision conference in his diocese, the Diocese of Wau. Wau is large covering two states and is divided into 13 Archdeaconries, including the Abyei Area, which has two archdeaconries. All the 15 Archdeaconries attended the visionary Conference for the cable for five-days. His lordship Rt. Rev Moses Deng Bol also invited two friendly dioceses, the diocese of Ibba and the diocese of Rejaf to participate in the vision conference and build strong links with these two dioceses. The vision conference was attend by Bishop Wilson Kamani of Ibba diocese and Bishop Enoch Tombe of Rejaf diocese.

The vision Conference itself was held from the 05th - 9th July 2010, the diocesan bishop Moses Deng organized the conference through the Samaritan Strategy a project of the Christian Missionary Service Africa organization who have conducted several conferences in many dioceses of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, including Wau.

The Purposes for the Conference:

  •  To equip local leaders for holistic transformation of Society.
  •  To understand a Worldview and Development
  •  Holistic Ministry, including seed Projects and seed project planning

Candidates listen intentlyOn the closing date the participants were really happy and said more thanks to their diocesan bishop who organized the vision conference. The diocese of Wau has long gone without any such programs in the diocese to activate church leaders in their ministry. The participants also appreciated the Samaritan Strategy team from CMS Africa, for their commitment to facilitating the conference nicely with a good spirit to built up the leaders in their holistic ministry. The last thanks from Wau diocese participants goes to our cooperative and friendly dioceses who were with us here in the Conference for more than 4 days. Bishop Enoch Tombe of Rejaf diocese, gave more thanks, to Bishop Moses and all the participants who  attended the vision conference and he said,

 "I thank  the diocese of Wau for its' hospitality, Bishop Enoch  said our friendship will not end here in your diocese,  but it will also be the same in my diocese as we did here in your diocese and I am also calling on Samaritan Strategy Africa to conduct the same conference in my diocese and it will be my strong request to bishop Moses to send along his delegations including himself".

 The Rt Revd Wilson Kamani, bishop of Ibba diocese said,

"our success for the ministry of our lord Jesus Christ is to built on strong unity in our work. I believe through this fellowship God will really enrich our lives and our ministry, and will establish unity and peace in our various communities" Attendees of the Wau Vision Conference

The vision conference participants are still requesting more training, more conferences and workshops to empower their ministries. We know that Wau diocese is a larger diocese in the Episcopal Church of Sudan and under the care of Bishop Moses there is a wider responsibility. Let us pray that God will empower the leadership of Wau Diocese.

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Reported by rev. Nathaniel Maral Mayom