Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in Wau, South Sudan


By Rev Peter Akook 

The TEE Logo TEE is a Diocesan institution located in Akon,Warrap state.

TEE was created as a partnership with Jumpstart-Sudan in response to the high illiteracy level of students wanting theological education in particular and education in general that resulted from the twenty-year civil war between North and South Sudan. High illiteracy rates resulted from these decades of civil war.

South South attained its own independence on July 9th ,2011 and is seeking its future in theological education as well.

                    TEE Mission.

  • The mission of TEE is to help train and evangelize the entire diocese of Wau,Warrap and other neighbouring areas such as Aweil, Abyei and beyond.
  • TEE emphasizes the evangelism of non Christians and theological education as its opportunities.
  • TEE empowers and strengthens the leadership of evangelism and theological education in order to ensure that the educational progress is sustainable.


                     TEE VISION.

  • TEE vision is to win people to "Christ-like"(Christianity).
  • To deliver a theological experience to those who lack any.
  • To witness Christ to others who haven't heard of Christ.
  • To open or give access to general education as well.

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The Wau diocese program is administered in Wau Diocese by Rev Peter Akook. 

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