Diocesan Strategic Plan 2011-2015.

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With the help of God we are planning to do the following activities from 2011-2015 to strengthen the Christian Ministry in the Diocese.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the most powerful weapon that the Christian can use to defeat all the temptations of the devil and enemies. We will therefore ensure that prayer ministry is encouraged among all the Christians in Wau Diocese by establishing a Office Prayer Mobilization to facilitate this initiative in all the Archdeaconries, Deaneries and Parishes.


Worship is the act of adoring God of who he is and what he has done for the humanity. We will encourage active worship among our Christians specially women the youth. We will ensure that enough hymn books are available in all the Parishes in the Diocese. We will also start a songs collection and typing project to collect the new songs which been composed by the talented Christians in various parishes.

and Evangelism (Mt 28: 19):

We shall establish an evangelism office at the diocesan level which will be responsible for planning, fund raising and implementation of the provincial evangelism policies and strategies at the diocesan level.  

FM Radio:

We shall establish a FM radio programmes which will assist in Evangelism; counseling, peace building and dissemination of other important messages such as HIV and AIDS awareness among the communities.

Church Buildings

We shall endeavor to construct at least one concrete church building in each of the twelve Archdeaconries and the Cathedral in Wau

Translation and Bible Distributions:

We will endeavor to translate the Anglican Prayer Book into Dinka Rek. These has been a major concern among the Rek people specially intellectuals because many of them don't understand fully the Dinka Bor translation which we are using now. In fact many of these people completely refused to joint the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) even though they like its teaching and traditions due to the language barrier. We will try our best to provide Clergy, Lay readers, Women Leaders and Evangelists have enough a Bibles and Prayer Books in Dinka Rek and simple English.


Theological Education:

Fifteen Pastors shall go for certificates every year (Within Sudan, possibly within Wau Diocese). We shall establish a training centre possibly in Lietnhom where African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM) is already doing some training for pastors, Tonj where in Truth and in Deeds Ministries are doing some Pastors Training and Warrap where Open Doors is facilitating small Pastors Training as well.

Five Pastors shall go for Diplomas every year. (Within and outside Sudan) possibly inYei where Open Doors and ALARM have already established training centres, Bishop Alison Bible College (which is in Northern Uganda and is now in the process of being moved to Yei) Bishop Gwyne College in Juba, Renk Bible College in Renk, Shokai Bible College in Khartoum and other Bible Colleges in Kenya and Uganda.

One Clergyman/woman shall go for Degree every year. (Within and outside Sudan) possibly at St Pual's University Limuru, Uganda Christian College Makono, and other Christian Universities in East Africa and other parties of the World. One Clergyman/woman shall go for Masters Degree after ever two years and one Clergyman/woman to go for PHD after every five years.

Theological Education by Extension (TEE):

We shall establish at least one Theological Education by Extension Programme in each of the twelve Archdeaconries of Wau Diocese. This programme will be used to build the capacity of pastors with no basic theological education. Those who pass this programme will now be admitted at the certificate level. This programme will be done in both English and other local languages including Arabic and Dinka.


We will also encourage Pastors Conferences and Workshops which will bring many Pastors together from different parts of the Diocese which will be done periodically and addresses some topical issues such as Gender and HIV & AIDS.

Adult Education:

We will endeavor to establish at one adult education centre in each of the twelve Archdeaconries of Wau Diocese. Some of the pastors and other church and community members with the lowest or no formal education will be given the opportunity to do so through adult education. This is to help the beneficiaries to learn Dinka, Basic English and arithmetic. After completing this programme those who want to serve as pastors in the church will be sent to the Bible School for further training. And those who do not want to be pastors will be train on other skills such masonry, carpentry etc.

Vocational Training Centre:

The Diocese will endeavor establish a vocational training centre in collaboration with the State Governments and other Organizations. This centre will be used for the training of teachers, Community Heath Workers, and other skills such as carpentry, masonry as mentioned above.


Apart from Theological Training which will target mainly pastors other training in other skills such as financial management, Education etc will be provided to the other church members. This programme will target particularly the young people from Wau  who are now finishing their Secondary schools in Sudan and the neighboring countries of Kenya and Uganda and are not able to joint the Universities due to lack of finances.

Primary and Secondary Education:

The Diocese will endeavor to establish at least two Primary Schools and one Secondary School in each of the twelve Archdeaconries of Wau Diocese.  

Health Care:

The Diocese will endeavor to establish two Primary Health Care Units and one Primary Health Care Centre in each of the twelve Archdeaconries of Wau Diocese. We shall work hard to renew our medical Link with the Diocese of Salisbury for medical supply and training of Community Health Workers. We shall also partner with the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) and other Christian Non Governmental Organizations working in the Diocese to provide more training of the Health Workers, Payment of their Salaries and Medical supply.


HIV & AIDS awareness and counseling programmes targeting the local communities will be hears through the FM radio and will also be included in all the training programmes.

Water and Sanitation:

All the areas where we have constructed Schools including Training and adult education and Health centres will be provided with Water Point and Pit latrines. Hence we shall construct at least two water points and one pit latrine in each of the twelve Archdeaconries of Wau Diocese. John 4:1-



The Diocese will endeavor to establish a diocesan agriculture office which will be responsible for identifying the areas to start Diocesan agriculture centres where some of the trainees of the vocational Training centre will practice their skills. Again this will be in line with Provincial agricultural policies and strategies.

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution:

Despite the signing of the historical peace agreement (CPA)  in 2005 between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) and the Khartoum Government which  officially ended the 21 civil war between the North and South Sudan, many conflicts continue between the Southern and Northern armies specially near the oil fields.

There have also been a lot of tribal conflicts among the Southerners themselves usually over natural resources such as water, grazing land and cattle raiding/rustling. In partnership with the Government and NGOs We will therefore organize at least two peace conferences every year. These conferences will bring together the church, community and Local Government Leaders together to discuss how to resolve community conflicts through peace full means rather than through violence as well as how to share these natural resources equitably.

Youth Ministry:

Active Participation of the young people in the spiritual and physical development of the church is very important. We will therefore make sure that youth are represented in our entire diocesan decision making. We will also organize through Diocesan Youth office at least one or two youth conferences every year. One of the objectives of these conferences will be to empower the youth to participate in peace building initiatives and create HIV &AIDS awareness among them.

Children Ministry:

We will also establish an office for children ministry which will be responsible for selecting and training talented Sunday school teachers and provide materials for teaching children to understand the word of God. Through the children ministry we shall work with the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) and other Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to address the issue of street children which is now a major concern in Southern Sudan because the number of street children has been growing everyday almost in all the towns of Southern Sudan since the signing of peace agreement in 2005. We will address this problem in the appropriate way including reintegration of some of these children back to their families, relatives or guardians and establishment of orphanage where some of these children can be provided with shelter, education and health care.

Mothers Union:

There will be an active Mothers Union Office. This office will be responsible for the development of women empowerment and developmental programmes including construction of a conference centre (Guest Houses) tailoring etc. These programmes will be started at the Diocesan Headquarters and expanded into the all the Archdeaconries.


There will be Microfinance department which will be run by the mothers union and other church members. The Diocese shall endeavor to establish one Branch of the Microfinance institution in each of the twelve Archdeaconries.

Creation of New Dioceses:

Wau is one of the largest ECS Dioceses in the Sudan. Until the separation of Aweil Area Diocese last year, Wau was covering the three States of Western Bhar El Ghazal, Northern Bhar el Ghazal and Warrap as well as Abyei area (One of the three contested areas between the two parties to the 2005 peace deal (CPA) the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and National Congress Party (NCP).

In 2010 Wau as the Mother Diocese will support Aweil in this process, support Abyei in 2011 -2012, Tonj in 2013-2014 and Gogrial in 2015-2016.

download the file as a PDF here