Please remember when contacting Wau diocese staff that internet connections are slow and that few people have their own computer, relying on internet cafe's and the good will of NGOs. It is vital to keep messages short and avoid large attachments. The diocese is focussed on improving it's communications and any help towards this would be greatly appreciated.

Wau Diocese Official e-mail Contacts

The highlighted e-mail addresses are active, the others are in the process of being set up and are not yet live.


E-mail Address


Archbishop Moses Deng

Diocesan Bishop & Archbishop of Northern Bahr el Ghazel Internal Province.

Rev Peter Jonathon 

Raja Area Diocese Coordinator



Rev William Majok

Diocesan Secretary

Mr Mr Simo Abik Uguak

Diocesan Treasurer

Rev Meshack Magak Ruai 

Diocesan Communications Coordinator 

Mr Tinyjok Dhak Tinyjok

Diocesan Registrar

Rev Angelo Ngor Akuei

Bishops Commissary

Mr James Madut Malueth

Diocesan Accountant

Ven Andrea Ngong

Diocesan Education Coordinator

Rev Paul Lueth

Diocesan Evangelism Coordinator

Rev Andrew Apiny

Diocesan Development Coordinator

Ven Santino Manut Achuil

Diocesan Children's Ministry Coordinator

Mr Dave Lewis

Diocesan Web Keeper

Ven Martin Maker Anhiem

Diocesan Agriculture Coordinator

John Deng

Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator

Mr William Akot

Diocesan Health Coordinator

Rev Peter Angui Akook

Diocesan T.E.E. Coordinator

Rev Bang Akuei Nyuol

Diocesan Justice Peace and Reconciliation Coordinator

Ven Andrea Ngong

Diocesan Gender and HIV & AIDS Coordinator

Rev Bang Nyuol Jueny

Dean of Wau Cathedral

Rev Peter Ayeun

Cathedral Dinka Service Curate

Mr Alenya Ceasar

Principal of St John's Theological College

Currently Vacant

Bishop's UK Commissary




 Mothers Union

Mrs Elizabeth Deng

Wau Diocese Mothers Union Patron

Mrs Victoria Yar Majak

Diocesan Mothers Union Leader

Mrs Mary John Garang

Diocesan Mothers Union Coordinator

Kakulina Edith

Wau Mothers Union worker

Currently Vacant

Wau Mothers Union worker