A Compound School

In the compound of the bishop's offices is a small primary school. It's called locally "The Sunday Basic School" and provides primary level education for children of levels 1 to 7.  There are fifteen teachers supporting this venture doing their best with the limited funds available. The Headmaster Mr Tinyjok Dhal Tintjok is also the Diocesan Registrar and a very busy man.

During the afternoons from 3 -5 pm the school also provides primary school education to adults that have never had a chance to go to school before because of the civil war that Sudan experianced for so long. 

This school is just a part of the operations of the diocese of Wau which needs help to continue to provide the care the people of Wau need. If you can provide assistance to the diocese of Wau, contact bishop Moses (e-mail: bishop@wau.anglican.org ) or look at our contact page for more details.