Project Proposals


The people of Wau Diocese have many needs and there is much development to be done in Warrap and Western Bahr el Ghazel. As well as developing our church we try hard to bring development to all people to show the love of God in a practical way. Like many organisation in South Sudan the needs far outweigh our funds. So we create proposals for projects and work with partners to achieve development. 

Listed below are projects that we would like to do that need funding, simply click on the links below to see more about these projects.


Twic Archdeaconry Chruch Building Project - August 2015

Local Diocese leaders, in Twic Archdeaconry are seeking for help to replace the actual local material structure for a solid, durable, and more representative Archdeaconry church building. The Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Moses Deng has already approved the request and started to make promotion to fundraise resources to construct a church in Twic Archdeaconry which is located in Turalei town. Turalei Town, the proposed project location of the church building is the administrative headquarter of Twic County. 

Construction of the church is more important than all we can do today, so as to glorify our God, having a place of praise and worship, having a place to minister to our community and serve people in need is our  priority. A church construction at Turalei, Twic Archdeaconry will give glory to God.It is our prayer that you also can feel the same burden and have compassion to the perishing.


Project Proposal



Wau Diocese Mothers Union Food Security Project - April 2015

The project will result in the formation of 3 farmers groups with 20 members each in Wau Diocese. The project is therefore expected to directly benefit 60 women farmers who will have been empowered to undertake with dry season faming technology and knowledge. The indirect beneficiaries are the members of these farmers’ household who will benefit through improved food security and consumption of healthy foods. The community will also indirectly benefit from the project through the availability of different types of vegetables in the markets. There will also be improved knowledge and adoption of irrigation agriculture within the community. Food security in the county will be improved as these households will be able to grow food crops throughout the year. The project is also expected to encourage other households to acquire irrigation equipments which will enable them to engage in farming during the dry season. The project will also contribute to the livelihoods and health of the households members through the consumption of nutritious foods. 

 Project Proposal 



Wau Diocese Mothers Union Family Planning and HIV Awareness
for Pastors Wives - April 2015

The prevalence of HIV/AIDS is still rampant in South Sudan and it continues to claim the lives of many people. Awareness of family planning methods is still low and the use of contraceptives has not been accepted by many women in South Sudan. Many married women therefore continue to get unplanned pregnancies because of lack of knowledge on family planning methods.

The proposed project aims at raising awareness on HIV/Aids and family planning methods among pastors’ wives in the Diocese of Wau. This will be done by conducting a 3-day training workshop in Wau that will bring together pastors’ wives from the diocese. During the training, 2 training facilitators will train the participants on modern family planning methods and on HIV/AIDS.

 Project proposal


ECS CARD Education Project - Jan 2015

The Christian community of Eastern Bank and Education Director of Jur River County, Western Bahr el Ghazal State both made an appealed to the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan- Christian Action for Relief and Development.

To open Girl Secondary School in the county; the demanded came as result most of the Girls dropping out in various schools and very few could finish their secondary education. The girls’ education has become a major issue in Western Bahr el Ghazal State with large number of young girls still does not attend school, their access to basic education, especially in Jur River County remained low. 

Project Proposal
Project Budget
Logical Framework 


Peace Mobilisers Training Project - Jan 2015

This project is to train Peace Mobilisers for one week as part of the national peace initiative from the Episcopal Church in South Sudan.

Annex 1 – Executive Summary

Annex 2 -  Logical Framework

Annex 3 – Warrap Peace Budget

Community Peace Mobilisers Leaders Project - Nov 2014

This project will target six counties of Warrap State which are bordering Lakes and Unity State, these three states are more prone to tribal conflict in South Sudan.  Nowhere has the need for peace building been more pressing than in these six counties of Warrap State, where conflicts within neighbours like Unity and Lake State have been particularly devastating and major concern.

Annex 1 - The Proposal
Annex 2 - Logical Framework
Annex 3 - Budget
Annex 4 - 2013 peace agreements 


Community Conflict Prevention - Nov 2014


As a country emerging from prolonged civil war, Twic and Mayom Counties are facing a lot of challenges as far as issues of peaceful coexistence are concerned. One of the challenges that have potential to slow down the gains so far achieved is tribal violence. Although all South Sudan became independent on the 9th of July 2011, the issue of tribal violence has not been addressed well, especially between neighbouring communities; there is therefore need for an increased effort to reverse this practice. 

Project Proposal with Budget 


The Peace Project - June 2014

Making and sustaining peace is very important to everyone in South Sudan the violence that has been seen recently needs to be countered and this project outlines how that may be done in our Diocese.

Peace Project Proposal (PDF)
Budget (.XLS)
Logical Framework (.XLS) 


The Water Project - June 2014

Water, hygiene and sanitation are basic needs for everyone. Sadly water is lacking in some areas of Wau Diocese and many do not have correct ideas of hygiene and sanitation. Our Water Project will go a long way to making this right in a sustainable way.

Water Project Proposal (PDF)
Budget (.XLS)
Logical Framework (.XLS)