Gogrial Town Sees Historic Agreement

Bishop Moses Deng has long been calling for peace in Warrap State and has always made this a part of his work as Bishop of Wau Diocese (see more here

an agreement signed between the Chiefs of the Four Counties of Warrap State and Northern Bahr el Ghazel State

  • Gogrial West (Warrap State) 
  • Twich (Warrap State) 
  • Aweil East (Northern Bahr el Ghazel State)
  • Aweil South (Northern Bahr el Ghazel State)

The agreement was witnessed by the Commissioners of the four Counties.

This agreement was signed in Gogrial Town after a two day conference which Bishop Moses Deng attended as Chair of the National Committee for Healing and Reconciliation, in Warrap State. The conference was organised by the Warrap State Peace Commission supported by both National and International Organizations known as Peace Actors. These organizations included the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), World Vision, Non-violent Peace Force, Norwegan Church Aid and others interested in lasting peace for South Sudan.

The Conference identified the following as issues as the sources of conflict among the communities in the four counties;

1) Contested Areas (There ae villages and forests that are claimed by each of the four counties)

2) Places of economic interest (These includes a fertile agriculture area known as Toch-Chol, grazing areas, fishing rivers/pools and water points)

3) Cattle Theft 

These are some of the main issues identified, you will see more in the agreement itself below. This agreement stipulates how these issues can be address peacefully without resorting to communal violence which is very common in South Sudan. The four counties believe that they will use this model to settle their disputes with the neighbouring States of Unity, Western Bhar El Ghazal and Lakes.

This is a major step forward to a peaceful and secure future for South Sudan.

The Actual Agreement

View the actual agreement and the signatures of those that signed it here