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A New Church Established at Mannar

Baptising under a tree at MannarOur Mission and Evangelism
Coordinator Rev Joseph Uyu can be seen here baptizing people under a tree at Mannar village where he started a new Church. Eleven people were baptized in all and Wau Diocese is very proud of the efforts of all it's staff to bring the light of Jesus to new people.  









Retired Bishop Henry Cuir Riak Dies

On behalf of Bishop Moses Deng Bol, the Clergy and Congregations of Wau Diocese of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, we wants to inform the public and the friends of Wau Diocese of the death of retired Bishop Henry Cuir Riak, who passed away on March 4th in Nairobi. Late Bishop Henry Cuir Riak is the first bishop of Wau Diocese. 

More info



 An Exciting Opportunity Dec 12th 2014

You may be aware that The Revd Canon Dr Kenneth Kearon has been elected a Bishop in the Church of Ireland and consequently will be leaving his post as Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council at the end of the year.  The Standing Committee have approved the Candidate Pack and Advert below. Look at the advert, consider or nominate suitably qualified candidates who should then apply.

Please promote the advertisement through all forms of media at your disposal.

The Advert

The detailed candidate pack



December Renewal Now Available

Renewal the quarterly newsletter of Wau Diocese is now available online here with special CNHPR pages:

See also an online copy here:



Peace Building in South Sudan

Click on the link below to read an online article on peace building in South Sudan originally published on the Guardian Newspaper website.



Celebrating Independence and Praying for Peace

During the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Episcopal Releif and Development, they are sharing 75 stories over 75 weeks – illustrating how lives are transformed through the shared abundance of our partners and friends. Be sure to sign up to receive inspiring new stories and multimedia features each week. 

Mr Mike Smith has given the first place in this celebration to Bishop Moses. Click on the link below to see the article that Mike created. 

Read Mike's article here 



Renewal Newsletter Out Now 

The latest edition of Renewal, the quarterly newsletter for Wau Diocese is now available to read online and download. The file is a 30 page full colour PDF 1.9MB in size but for those with slower internet it can be read directly online. See more here



An Easter Message from Bishop Moses

Bishop Moses Deng Bol has issued a message for Easter, please use the link below to read it.



A Statement from The South Sudan Council of Churches

Below is a satement given on April 9th from the SSCC which shows unity of purpose in seeing peace in South Sudan. Please follow the link to see a PDF copy to read or print. 

SSCC Statement



The situation in South Sudan

Please see the UK Government website page which summerises the current situation in South Sudan



Poole - Wau Link Newsletter

The latest edition of the Poole Deanery - Wau Diocese Link newsletter is available. See an online copy at the link below.

Poole - Wau Link March 2014


Malakal Horror - Prayer Request from Bishop Gwynne College

The situation in Malakal is horrific. The rebel White Army have again taken control and the rapes, murders, lootings and destruction continue. They have taken no notice at all of the agreement to cease hostilities signed in Addis. We are told over and over again that they do not respect the church, aid workers or the UN. In fact churches have been targeted and women raped and murdered in them.

  • Please keep praying for Malakal and the whole of the country. Then tensions are high. Things are not improving, rather the reverse.
  • Please pray for the over 700,000 displaced people and those seeking to help them.
  • Please pray for Christians and Christian ministers of all denominations trying to care for people and teach the message of love.
  • Please pray for the international community which, in seeking to try and remain neutral, earning the disapproval of both sides.
  • Please pray for expatriates in the country working to help the humanitarian efforts who are put at risk by the negativity felt towards the international community.
  • Please continue to pray for the staff and students at BGC struggling to keep the college alive despite the tensions and lack of sufficient resources.


  • Give thanks for those who are hear about daily who care deeply and keep themselves informed, irrespective of insufficient reporting.
  • Give thanks for those who have and are giving generously to BGC, and the support of the work of the churches with IDPs and in the area of reconciliation.
  • Give thanks for the courage and dedication of the Christian leadership in South Sudan.
  • Give thanks for the way God speaks to us so powerfully through the Scriptures and the example of Christ's people in the face of such suffering. God is with us. Never has Romans 8:31-39 felt so true.

The Situation In South Sudan and the Way it Affects Wau Diocese

Below are some links that will inform you about the current situation in South Sudan and give you some local developments. 

Mayor of Wau welcomes more than 500 IDPs

The fighting spreads to Warrap State

The Humanitarian situatio six things to know

A UK Government statement on the situation



A Report from Bishop Abraham of Aweil Diocese

While attempting to return home Bishop Abraham recently diverted and spent some time in Kakuma refugee camp. Together with other priests and pastors he spoke to both Nuer and Dinka communities to bring calm and teach peace. Please click on the link below to read his report. 

Bishop Abraham's report


CARD Announces Expenditure  Verification Report 

CARD the relief and development agency for Wau Diocese has announced it's Expenditure Verfication Report for 2012 - 2013. Clarity with regard to finances is not always easy to achieve in South Sudan so CARD and Wau Diocese are keen to promote this practice and eager to display good clarity so that donors may have confidence in us. An online copy of the report may be seen below and also on the CARD webpage with more information about CARD generally.

Expenditure Verrification Report           The CARD webpage 

A Communique from the Provincial Standing Committee Meeting in Bor

Below is a PDF document with a communique from the recent Provincial Standing Committee meeting in Bor. Please read this to see the statement issued after this meeting and the important news it contains. Please also note the renaming of the ECS. 

Bor PSC meeting Communique


Pool Hospital Team Back in Wau 

The now well known team from Poole hospital in Dorset, Uk are once again teaching and helping in Wau Teaching Hospital. We are all glad for their assistance which improves our hospital . Please see the link below to learn more about this special link and see the Pool Hospital team's blog posts.



New Report From C.A.R.D. Online

Christian Aid for Relief and Development is the development organisation of Wau Diocese. Below is a link to the latest CARD report on the food security and diversity project. Click on the link below to see an online copy with many good pictures of the work.



Abyei Referendum Update

The Abyei referendum has now taken place and the result is overwhelmingly in favour of joining South Sudan. Below are three links with important information. Please click on each to read the PDF documents. 

A declaration to the Abyei people

The Abyei Referendum Results

The International Observer's Report

Why The Abyei Referendum Should be Recognised - an article by Luk Biong Deng

What happens to a deferred dream?  


A New CARD Report with pictures 

A picture really is worth a thousand words, especially when they are pictures of the good work of CARD the development arm of Wau Diocese. Below is a link to their latest report packed with pictures so you can see the good they do. Click on the link and see an online copy.


Learning to Sing


During his visit to the UK in June 2013 Bishop Moses Deng spent time with the people of Poole Deanery in the UK Diocese of Salisbury. On one occaision he was able to teach a congregation to sing like South Sudanese people. Please take a moment to view this joyful moment on video through our You Tube channel. Use th link below.

Learning to Sing 


A Prayer for Health

Reverend Nathaniel Maral is very ill with Flu and Malaria. He has been unable to attend to his studies and is requesting prayers for his health. Please pray for his swift recovery and well being at this time. 


Historic Agreement Signed in Gogrial

After a conference of two days the Healing and Reconciliation committee of Warrap State, part of the National Healing and Reconciliation Committee lead by Arch Bishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak ha s produced an agreement signed in Gogrial Town on July 13th 2013. 

See the agreement and read more here


CARD Project Interim Reports

CARD is the development agency of Wau Diocese and is active to support and improve the material lives of all people living in the Wau Diocese area. One of the projects that CARD supports is a collaborative project ran through the ICCO (Interchurch Organization for Development Co-operation) to foster food security and sustainable living, which is funded through the European Union. This is a long term project and CARD is pleased to publicly display the recent interim reports for clarity, honesty and openness. Please click on the links below to learn more.


The Food Security and Sustainable Living Project

Synopsis Report

Monitoring Report

Conclusion Sheet 

A National Day of Prayer

Archbishop Daniel Deng has announced:

There will be a National Day of Prayer for Reconciliation in South Sudan on Monday 8th July 2013, the eve of the anniversary of Independence. The theme will be Lamentation, leading to repentance and personal conversion/transformation. From 1st-7th July there will be prayers with different groups (eg government, organised forces, women,youth, etc). On Friday 5th July the Muslims will take up the prayer in their mosques, and on Sunday 7th July the Christians will take it up in their churches. On Monday 8th July the national prayer will be in Juba Stadium, and prayer will also take place in each State capital. Details will be announced in the media and through churches and mosques.

  • For those living in Warrap State the National Day of prayer will take place in Freedom Square, Kuajok - the capital of Warrap and will be presided over by Bishop Moses Deng Bol.
  • For those living in Western Bhar El Ghazel State the National Day of Prayer will take place in Wau Stadium and be presided over by Rev John Joseph Abdhalla.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend this event. Rev Peter Akook, Wau writes:

"The whole entire South Sudan has undergone a bitter historical
background that left a lot of harm ,hurt ,wounds ,disorder ,disabilities ,
trauma, stress, frustration and more in every person which encourages
this growing conflict.
To ensure a successful diagnosis and prescription of medicines, a patient
has to clearly explain how he or she got sick.
The same thing is in this prayer, we need to come before the Lord,recalling
our own mistakes that we have committed in the past with repentant hearts
so that we will be forgiven and therefore gain personal conviction from the
Holy Spirit and the best inspiration through conversion and transformation
would take place.
By doing this, our culture as a young nation will be a culture that is
founded on a Biblical basis rather than our own cultures.
On the National Day of Prayer We will be requesting the almighty God to
heal and transform each individual from any of the above signs of sickness.

I would very much like to pray this short sentence from the Lord's prayer:

"Forgive me my sins as I forgive those who sin against me"

I'm suggesting that short phrase from Lord's prayer should be said or sung by
individuals during that day of prayer so that they feel that they mean it."



Good News From St John's Theological College

Rev Joesph Mamer, the principal of St John's Theological College, situated in Wau Diocese, is happy to report that the longed for dormitories needed by his college have at last been built with the kind assistance of Wau Diocese. Sadly enough funds were not available to complete all the work and some items still need completing before these dormitories can be used. There is still a need for cement floors, doors, finished windows and plastering. 

Rev Joseph would very much like to hear from anyone who could assist in funding the remaining work. It is important to remember that St John's is a theological college that seeks to serve not just Wau but all eight of the dioceses in the Bahr el Ghazal cluster of the ECS. This is the reason that a dormitory is so important for people who must travel long distances to study theology and improve the work that they give to God and service to the people of South Sudan. 

Rev Joseph may be contacted at

Please Pray for Archbishop Daniel

Prayers need for Archbishop Daniel Deng and his new reconciliation committee. He is a very brave man to take it on. We earnestly pray for success.


President Salva Kiir Opens the South Sudanese Legislature 

Read the speech that President Salva Kiir gave to open the Legislature of South Sudan On April 23rd

Poole - Wau Link Newsletter

The latest newsletter for the Poole Deanery - Wau Diocese Link has been released. Read an online copy at the link below.


Quarterly Reports from CARD

Christian Action for Relief and Development is the Relief and Development organisation of Wau Diocese. Run through Rev Andrew Apiny it seeks to provide practical assistance to the people within the diocese. Below are the CARD quarterly reports please click the links to see online copies. 




An Easter Sermon

Rev Joseph Mamer the Principal of St John's Theological College preached on Easter Day. Click on the link below to read his sermon and see some images.


An Urgent Appeal From St John's

Rev Joseph Mamer, the Principal of St John's Theological College based in Wau Diocese is urgently appealing for assistance. Please click the link below to learn more.

An Urgent Appeal

A Positive Comment

Zakaria Amule was so impressed by the Wau Diocese Lent study that he e-mailed us with his thanks. Please read his comments below:

"Thank you for sending me this lent Course 2013. it has helped me to grow deeper roots in the knowledge of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. It has enabled  me to reflect on the suffering of our Lord Jesus for the redemption of the whole world as I look forward for the events of the coming Easter."

Zakaria Amule

If you would like to see this course for yourself please click this link

WSSSG Releases a Newsletter

Kenneth Hearn and the Wau South Sudan Support Group in Northern Ireland have released a newsletter, their first. The WSSSG provide much needed help and fellowhip to Wau diocese and support Kenneth in his mission as UK Commissary to Wau. 

Get a copy of the newsletter here

Latest Copy of Renewal Newsletter Released

The latest edition of our diocesean newsletter, called Renewal is now available. If you are not yet on our free mailing list get a copy from our Newsletter Page here 


Lent Course Released Online

Wau diocese has now released it's very own Lent Study Course called Kaam thiin ciek yic - Moments, suitable for any church to use anywhere in the world. Check the links below to see more about the contents of the course and get a copy for you to use. 

More about the course

Weekly sessions and notes to download

A Report from HART About the Nuba Mountains

A delegation from HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) recently returned from visits to the war zones of Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan (Nuba Mountains) in Sudan.

Speaking in Parliament, Baroness Cox said: “I witnessed daily aerial bombardments by the Khartoum Government that directly targeted civilians with 500 kilogram and incendiary bombs, destroying villages, markets and schools, inflicting death and injury on women and children, forcing thousands to hide in caves with deadly snakes and to die from hunger and disease with no health care; and causing nearly 200,000 refugees to flee to camps in South Sudan”

A short film taken during the visit is available on the HART website:

See a full report here - The Hart Report (PDF) 

 A Statement from Archbishop Daniel Deng

Archbishop Daniel has released a statement regarding the recent House of Bishops meeting in Nov 2012. Please read more from the link below.

House of bishops statement


Poole Team leave for Wau South Sudan 2013

The Poole Africa Link logoOn Saturday 26th January the next team will leave Poole on the seventh visit to Wau teaching hospital South Sudan. The arrangements for this trip (which was originally planned for last November), have been fraught with logistical problems, but everything is now in place for what we hope will be another very successful teaching and training visit to not only Wau hospital, but to two local schools of nursing. We are delighted to have secured a substantial two year grant from the Pharo foundation which will help facilitate the setting up of a Beacon recovery ward to care for the highest risk patients in the hospital. Preliminary discussions and work on this will take place during our visit.

We also take out all sorts of kit, some obsolete and some purchased by fundraising. All is very gratefully received by the team in Wau.

The team will include Hilary Fenton-Harris, team lead/registered nurse, Dr Peter McEwan, consultant neonatologist, Judy Mella, surgeon, Sara Barton, Midwife and Abi Montgomery, registered nurse. All the team fundraise towards the trip which is carried out in their own time.

Please check out our website here for our blog

Hilary Fenton-Harris

PAL coordinator


Returnees from Abyei Need Aid

Daniel Dhieu reports on the immediate needs of people moved to Wau diocese from Abyei and Sudan.
Read more here

December Renewal Issued

The latest copy of Renwal, the quarterly newsletter of Wau Diocese is now available for everyone to read. Copies can be seen online and can be downloaded to print off. We hope that you enjoy reading this. See more on the Renewal Newsletter page.

Renewal Newsletter 

A Matter of Principal

Rev Joseph Mamer has graduated from St Paul Theological College in Limuru Kenya with a Batchelor of Divinity degree and now proudly fills his place as the first Principal of Wau Theological College. Read more about our new Principal here:

Principal Joseph 

Raja Reports

Bishop Moses Deng Bol visited Raja County in September to accept the gift of a new church built with help from the SPLA Chaplaincy and recognise the hard work done both by this Chaplaincy and the UNMISS troops in this area. It was the first time that he had been able to visit Raja since his enthronement as bishop and so this was a particularly emotional time. Daniel Machar Dhieu has created four reports from the visit which can be seen from the links below.

New Education Report available

Mr Dumo Agog Peter the Wau Diocese Education Coordinator has compiled a new report for education in Wau diocese. A copy of the report can be seen here online and downloaded as a PDF if you wish. 

Farmers Register for Support 

CARD the aid agency of  Wau diocese is registering 1020 farmers to support them with Vegetables seeds. The actual seeds distribution will begin next month while staples and crops seed distribution will be done in October. Tools will be distributed in the course of this month so that the farmers can start preparing their land for cultivation. For farmers to receive all this they need to register with CARD first. A demonstration plot has been selected where the farmers can come and learn new methods. Registration is well underway in two counties, Wau and Jur River county.  Read more about C.A.R.D. here.  


Paul and Regina request Prayer

Rev Paul Lueth and his wife Regina who were recently married have taken up an opportunity for Paul to study in Nairobi at Carlile College. Paul reports that life is difficult there and that the study is hard. He has asked for prayer to support Regina and himself through this time. Please take a moment in your day to pray for Paul and Regina.  

New Health Coordinator Announced

Wau diocese is very pleased to announce the appointment of a new Health Coordinator, Mr John Garang Acuoth. Bishop Moses is most pleased to annouced that John can be contacted through his official e-mail address: - - simply click the address to send him a message 

Kuajok Cathedral Work Moves on

Having laid the foundations Rev Peter Gur is pleased to say "we have started the Cathedral construction with Samaritan's Purse International yesterday (June 4th) they are bringing soil and mirrum". The cathedral will have a steel frame and be constructed in concrete. When it is complete it will serve as more than just a cathedral to make the most of the building. The construction of the cathedral at Kuajok features in the coming Wau newsletter. 

Read a reoprt here from Daniel Machar Dhieu


Training and Participation

Rev Peter Yuol Gur has returned from attending the transitional constitutional review for South Sudan which ran for 3 days at the same time Wau diocese have a group attending ECS province training for teachers which began in the last week of May and is set to finish in the middle of June. 


Happenings in Kenya

Six clergy will attend the CBE International conference in Kenya with Bishop Moses Deng. The conference is set to take place at St Paul University Limuru in Kenya in July.


We thanks to God because Bishop Moses is able to send two Wau diocese pastors to Kenya with one lady
for their for theological study. Please pray for all these people that they may do God's will.  


Three New Appointments for Wau

The Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol, bishop of Wau is pleased to announce that Rev Peter Yuol Gur has completed his studies and is now taking up the post of Diocesan Administrative Secretary. This relieves Rev Andrew Apiny who has been acting in his stead. Rev Andrew can now focus more on his role in development within Wau diocese and is recognised officially as Development Coordinator. Also joining the Wau Diocese staff is Mr Dumo Agog Peter who will take the important position of Education Coordinator. All of these people are listed in the Wau Diocesan Directory with our other staff.  Their particular e-mails are below. 


Archbishop Calls for Peace

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak, the primate of the Episcopal Church of Sudan has issued a letter of appeal after the recent events on the border of Sudan and South Sudan. Read the letter here 


Poole Hospital Team in Wau Again

A team from Poole Hospital are visiting Wau again continuing the good work that they started through the Pool Africa Link. See their news in the South Sudan Medical Journal Blog here.

Also:  Read here the reflections of the two Sudanese doctors that visited Poole earlier in the year

TEE begins in Wau Diocese

Rev Peter Angui Akook is very pleased to announce that the first Wau diocese TEE course is well under way in Akon. Click here to learn more about this and pray for their needs. 

The Diocesan standing committee

Is scheduled to meet in Oct 2012 to review the constitution and discuss some of the challenges facing the Diocese of Wau at this momement.


Wau Diocese shows it's trump CARD

The diocese of Wau has launched a development wing called C.A.R.D in partnership with several of it's close friends. C.A.R.D stands for Christian Action for Relief and Development. The aim of this organisation is to tackle the major problems of health and literacy affecting people in South Sudan. Read more about C.A.R.D. here. 

The Samaritan’s Purse to commence building Wau Cathedral

Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Episcopal Church of Sudan, Diocese of Wau, to build the Good shepherd Cathedral, Wau on the first week of Jan 2012. The actual church building will have cement block walls with openings for windows and doors. The structure will also have steel trusses and a zinc sheet (mabati) roof. The floor of the church will be constructed of sand and stones with a highly compacted mirrum surface. 

Statement from the ECS Provincial Synod

An official ststement has been released from the recent Episcopal Church of Sudan Provincial Synod. 
Click here to read a copy (PDF) 
Click here to see an article  

Wau Bible College

Always pushing hard for development Wau diocese is proud to announce the opening of it's own Bible college. 

Click here to learn more

Kadugli Appeal

The Diocese of Bradford has launched a Kadugli Appeal and is making funds available to be used in all of the northern Dioceses dealing with displaced people. Wau diocese understands that at the request of the Bishop of El Obeid the first transfer of funds has reached the Diocese which has many displaced people from Kadugli. Please use the link to learn more.

Mr John Ashworth's News Group

John lives in South Africa and tirelessly collects and collates news articles without bias about events in Sudan.           Click here to visit and explore his news group and see the very latest news, it is updated every day.