Wau Diocese Mothers Union Prayer Page

This is a page which is specially set aside for people to know the prayer needs of the Mothers Union in Wau diocese. Please do pray for the good work and good women of the Mothers Union.

If you would like to help in a more direct way please contact the diocesan secretary -dio.secretary@wau.anglican.org or the MU Patron Mrs Elizabeth Deng -mupatron@wau.anglican.org

Wau dioecese MU members greet an elderly woman Prayer Requests

  • pray for mother union to be strong in faith and let God them courage and empower them for the ministry.
  • pray for the mothers union program such literacy financial education program to continue growth.
  • pray for internal displaced person in Abyei so that God may give them courage, hopes, faith in Christ and touch the heart of others people to support them food and materials.
  • pray for our street children to come to Christ and may God protect them.
  • pray for mother unions officers to work together as a team to achieve their goals and to let God touch the hearts other to support them in every way.
  • pray for our Diocese Wau ministries to work together as a team for common goal.
  • pray for our bishop Moses Deng to fulfill his dream for Diocese wau and to let God give him wisdom.
  • pray our young families to be close to each other and to love themselves as husband and wives.
  • pray for the sick people so the God may heal them and make the drugs they taking function in their body and of course to get  medicines.
    thank you for your prayers, may God help you