Our Mission Statements

ECS diocese Wau is dedicated to preaching the gospel of Christ to non believers and nurturing them, facilitating them with skills and abilities for social and economic development and spiritual growth.

Our Vision

  • To become a world class provider of dynamic and unshakeable Christian faith.

Our Motto - Moulded to service

Our Core Values

  • Unity in diversity
  • Upholding personal integrity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Transparency
  • Stewardship
  • Respect 
  • Christ’s love

Our Core Function

  • Dissemination of the gospel to whole and baptize them in the name of trinity.
  • Training and equipping church leaders through leadership intensive training courses and conferences.
  • Offering vocation training with skills for the social and economic development of Africa.
  • Offering  excellence in Christian education in biblical studies and leadership.
  • Providing  psychological and spiritual support to those broken or lost in spirit showing a positive way forward in lifestyle and productivity.
  • Prayer fervently for leaders and the nation for spiritual growth and effective evangelism.
  • Offering Primary Health Care.
  • Providing youth ministry and children’s ministry for spiritual growth, social and economic development.
  • Providing pre marital counselling, care and post counselling to couples and weddings in accordance to Anglican tradition and doctrine.
  • Providing peace building and reconciliation to areas affected by conflict.