A Summary of Ministry in the Diocese of Wau 

The Diocese of Wau in the Episcopal Church of Sudan is a Christian ministry and an educational organization that endeavours to contribute to the spiritual growth of Christians nationwide in Sudan and South Sudan through preaching and teaching the biblical principles for life transformation, dissemination and proclamation the of Gospel of Christ to non believers; nurturing them, empowering them with knowledge and integrity skills for the social and economic development. The ECS Diocese of Wau is both a non-political and non-profit making Christian organization.


Our Commitments :

  • The ECS Diocese of Wau is committed to offer Christian education through biblical studies, training leaders of integrity with the skills for social and economic development and spiritual growth. Equipping Christian leaders with the true word of God through theological institutions and innovative Bible teaching in seminars, literature and offering intensive leadership training courses and conferences. The Good Shepherd Bible College is a Champion to effect the kingdom leaders for social, economic Development and life transformation since August 2011 as well as the Renewal newsletter, created to inform, enlighten and transform lives.
  • The ECS Diocese of Wau is committed to empowering Christian leaders with integrity skills for social and economic development and spiritual growth by providing vocational training with diverse and relevent skills to enable church leaders to become self reliant and contribute to social development and economic stability. In the agricultural sector, we seek to deliver skills which will enable people to take proper care of themselves and contribute to the community they live in.
  • The ECS Diocese of Wau exists to nurture Christian leaders who are creative, visionary and innovative. To encourage them to become effective leaders in their field of professional work and empower them to cast their visions in society, set goals, be creative and provide direction to the people around them. The Good Shepherd Bible College aims to foster Bible students who will become visionary and innovative leaders in life.
  • The ECS Diocese of Wau has set its wider mission as being dedicated to provide good quality primary health care to vulnerable people, and provide spiritual and psychological health to all. Fostering self esteem through spiritual empowerment and psychological health to those with broken hearts and show them a positive lifestyle through providing pre marital counseling, care and counseling to couples, those who are psychologically vulnerable, spiritually vulnerable, with health related issues and offering Primary Health Care where possible.
  • The ECS Diocese of Wau exists to maintain a prayer ministry for the sick, infirm, elderly, against all human challenges, spiritual complications, and pray fervently for church leaders. Prayers are also said for the state, for spiritual growth and for effective evangelism.
  • The ECS Diocese of Wau is committed to proclaiming unity in diversity through teaching the love of Christ and preaching, through conferences, seminarys, and initiating peace building through reconciliation among the Christian communities Diocese wide.