www.salisbury.anglican.org/sudan - The Salisbury Diocese Sudan Link
http://actmorogoro.com/ACTMorogoro/Welcome.html - The Diocese of Morogoro in Tanzania
www.twitter.com/sudanlink - The Sudan Link Prayer page - updated daily
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wau,_Sudan - Info about Wau from Wikipedia
www.schoolsinsudan.org/ - Schools in Sudan a Charity working in Abyei
http://sites.google.com/site/abyeichurchappeal/ - A personal appeal from Abyei parish for help
www.poole.nhs.uk/fundraising/poole-africa-link.asp  - The Link from Poole Hospital UK to Wau Hospital
www.poole.nhs.uk/fundraising/documents/AfricaLink_GV19_Low_Res.pdf - News from the Poole Hospital UK
www.ecspartners.org/about_ecs.html - The ECS Partnership website
www.gurtong.net - The Gurtong Sudan News project
www.afrecs.org - The American Friends of the ECS website
www.afrecs.org/SSR_Overview.htm - Important information about American donations to Sudan
www.sca.ismysite.co.uk/ - The Sudan Church Association website
http://alarm-inc.org/where_we_serve/republic-of-south-sudan - ALARM in South Sudan 
www.newjersey.anglican.org/outreach/darfur/index.html - The Sudan Committee of the Diocese of New Jersey,USA
www.warrapinterchurchcommittee.org - A committee uniting all Christians in Warrap State in projects of care 
Transforming the World in Christ - A charitable organisation ran by a Wau Diocese priest providing aid and education, see their Facebook page as well. TWIC Facebook page