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A lectionary is a table of psalms and readings from Holy Scripture authorized for use in public worship of the Church of England. The links on this page all lead to information held on the website of the Church of England.

Lectionary for Sundays, Principal Feasts, Holy Days and Festivals


Lectionary Years

Lectionary: Seasons

Lectionary: Ordinary Time

Table of Alternative Psalmody - Principal Service Lectionary

Table of Alternative Psalmody - Second Service Lectionary

Lectionary: Festivals

Liturgical Commission Commentary on the Lectionary

Lectionary and Additional Collects for Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
and Schedule of Variations for Common Worship Second and Third Service Lectionaries


Lectionaries for Weekdays

Weekday Lectionary (PDF) A revised version of the 2005 Weekday Lectionary (incorporating corrections made in 2010) is available to download here

Additional Weekday Lectionary (PDF) The Additional Weekday Lectionary (or Pillar Lectionary) approved in 2010 is also available to download here as a single PDF file. This lectionary is intended particularly for use in those churches and cathedrals which attract occasional rather than regular congregations (eg Cathedral Evensong on weekdays).


Versions of Scripture

Versions of Scripture
A note by the House of Bishops (GS Misc 698) providing criteria by which versions of Scripture are judged suitable for reading in church.