Remembering Kenneth Hearn’s Ministry
in the ECSSS Diocese of Wau


By Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol

Lay Canon Kenneth HearnIt was in 2000 when I first met Kenneth when he and his long term Kenyan friend Joseph Musembi attended our first Diocesan Synod at Lietnhom, Gogrial East County Warrap State,  South Sudan.  The then Bishop of Wau Diocese Henry Chuir Riak introduced Kenneth as a friend of Wau Diocese whom he has appointed to represent the Diocese as Bishop’s Commissary in the UK. In addition to his appointment as Commissary Bishop Henry also appointed Kenneth as Lay Canon of Wau Cathedral. Kenneth held these two positions until his death on--- October 2014.

As Official representative of Wau Diocese in the UK, Kenneth served the Diocese with dedication and total commitment. His sacrificial service to Wau originated from his love for Christ and the people of Wau whom he has interacted with on different occasions including the Lietnhom Synod and his visits to Wau Cathedral in Wau town.

While Commissary for Wau Diocese Kenneth worked hard to link Wau with friends in the UK. Some of Kenneth’s achievements includes the follow up of the Deanery link between Poole Deanery in Salisbury Diocese and Wau Diocese, the ladies education supported by Chapman Trust Fund, the purchase of the Gospel of Mark in Dinka Rek dialect supported by Every Home Crusade, the Purchase of 500 Theological Books from the USA supported by Mile and Cooridor Parishes in Northern Ireland and the link between St John’s and Unionist College in Northern Ireland.

Kenneth will be remembered by the people of Wau Diocese as someone who love them whole heartedly and who committed himself to supporingt them in whatever way possible.

May His soul rest in eternal peace

Every blessing +Moses Deng



Canon Kenneth J.H. Hearn’s Memorable Work
in Wau Diocese South Sudan

By Rev Joseph Mamer

Before I talk about Canon Kenneth Hearn’s work in Wau Diocese, I would like to give a brief history about Wau Diocese. Wau Diocese is one of the oldest and the largest Dioceses in the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan. It covers two of the biggest States i.e. Western Bahr El Ghazal and Warrap States with 21 Archdeaconries and includes three Cathedrals.

The first Diocesan  Bishop of Wau was Henry Cuir Riak, Bishop Henry Riak who served in Rumbek Diocese in 1979 as archdeacon was  transferred to Wau Town Parish in 1983 and he ministered there as pastor under the leadership of Archdeacon John Malou.

 In 1988 Wau became a Diocese with the Rt Rev John Malou Ater appointed as an Assistant Bishop of Rumbek Diocese based in Wau. Regretfully Bishop Malou was killed within three months in plane crashed on his way to Rumbek Diocese. In the same year Bishop Henry Riak who was an Archdeacon in Wau town was consecrated as Assistant Bishop of Wau Diocese. Eleven years later Henry was enthroned as Diocesan Bishop of Wau in 1999 and he became the first bishop of Wau Diocese. He retired on 30th June 2009 and was replaced by the Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol who was consecrated on 29th November 2009 and enthroned on March 14th 2010 as Bishop of Wau Diocese. Moses Deng is the second Bishop of Wau Diocese.

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan has had a very unique and the longest of Christian links and partnership with the Salisbury Diocese in the UK. As the links and relationship extends even wider year by year between Salisbury and ECSSS, there are so many coordination activities which are needed. The presence of a committed person based in the UK to run Wau Diocese day to day activities was clearly needed. As a result Bishop Riak appointed Lay Canon Kenneth J.H.Hearn as the first UK Based Wau Diocesan Bishop’s Commissary to take care of Wau related projects, activities and any other links needing someone’s presence. Kenneth Hearn was there to facilitate and coordinate some of our communications, links and connections there in the UK on behalf Bishop Riak.

When Moses Deng became the second Bishop of Wau Diocese in 2009 he reaffirmed Lay Canon Kenneth J.H.Hearn to continue as Bishop’s Commissary based in the UK and indeed Kenneth did tremendous work for Wau Diocese that the entire Diocese of Wau will always remember him for.

Over the last 15 or so years Canon Kenneth dedicated his life to Wau Diocese, his heart was to God’s Mission work and leadership growing in Wau Diocese.

Early last year in 2013, Kenneth was diagnosed with Cancer but God was so faithful that he survived; you could see him as if he was not ill filled with love and compassion for Wau Diocese.  This year 2014 his illness was deteriorating, he underwent many treatments in Belfast with the hope that those treatments would treat his cancer. On 5th and 6th October though he lived out the life span the doctor had given him, Kenneth was admitted to Bangor Community Hospital after which he was discovered to have a brain tumour.

On 8th Oct Kenneth was taken to Ulster Hospital Belfast where he passed on to the Lord on Friday 10th October early in the morning. Canon Kenneth has done tremendous work in promoting God’s Mission that will never be forgotten in the Diocese of Wau and here below are some of his achievements.

His Achievements in Wau Diocese:

(Canon Angelo Yuet  Aguer and Andrea  Ater Mayom)

During his life he voluntarily coordinated scholarships of two students (Pastors) from Wau Diocese, Andrew Ater Mayom and Canon Angelo Yuet Aguer whose financial support was from the Diocese of Salisbury but channeled to Canon Kenneth J.H.Hearn as he was the Bishop’s UK Based Commissary and it was successfully done.

Dinka  Renk  Bible
( Gospels) Mathew-Revelation

Canon Kenneth facilitated the purchase and transportation of Dink Renk Bibles for both Wau and Aweil Dioces

Wau South Sudan Support Group (WSSSG)

Canon Kenneth with Wau Diocese friends in Northern Ireland established the Wau South Sudan Support Group whose aims and goal was to support Wau Diocese and facilitate its UK based activities and channel them to the Bishop of Wau

St. John’s College of Theology and Development.

Canon Kenneth had also dedicated his life in supporting St. John’s College. He supported it with all he had. He talked with many Christian partners about St. John’s College as a Potential College for Greater Bahr El Ghazal which will serve 9 Dioceses of Bahr El Ghazal. He wanted and desired to see St. John’s College growing as it is a college which is accessible by local pastors in the region in which it situated.

Link/Partnership with Queen’s University, Belfast

Canon Kenneth had established links with Queen’s University, early this year Kenneth Hearn facilitated Rev. Joseph Mamer’s visit to Queen’s University in the UK where he was attending lectures at Queen’s and learned more on conflict resolutions at Belfast. Queen’s University invited one pastor this year for studies as a result of links established by Canon Kenneth as Bishop’s Commissary based in the UK.

Books for St. John’s College.

Through him, Kenneth was able to pay for books through WSSSG UK based group which was established to support Wau Diocese.

Christianity Explored ( CE

Canon Kenneth had been an instrumental member to see Christianity Explored established not only in Wau but in neighboring Dioceses of Greater Bahr El Ghazal.

 Vocational Training Centre:

Kenneth had also with other friends tried to establish a Vocational Training Centre for Wau Diocese. It was a vision that would have been achieved if he did not go to be with the Lord.

He was very much passionate about this project as well as other projects.

Kenneth had also facilitated several visits of Bishop Moses to UK where he was able to source some links and support for Wau Diocese from other Christian’s friends.

With all these, Wau Diocese at large will miss Canon Kenneth for his love for Christ and self-dedication to serve the people of Wau. All these things happened because of him and his commitment and seriousness.We from Wau Diocese acknowledge his self-sacrifice and self-dedication to voluntarily serve Wau Diocese.

Kenneth you have left a legacy behind that we shall all remember in Wau Diocese which will always encourage us.

May God Rest Canon Kenneth J. H. Hearn’s soul in the eternal kingdom
for evermore - Amen.



The Death of Canon Kenneth J.H. Hearn is a Big Loss
to Wau Diocese in General


 By Rev Joseph Makuac Beck

It is very sad news to hear that Canon Kenneth Hearn passed on to the Lord on 10 of October. The death of Canon Kenneth is a very great lost to Wau Diocese and those who have an attachment with him. He helped so many people in Wau Diocese during the time of Bishop Henry Cuir Riak and up to now.

We cannot forget what Canon Kenneth did to Wau Diocese during his life time. He dedicated his life Lord Jesus Christ and also supported Wau as if he was a bishop of Wau. He loved everyone and was good to everyone too. He was not divisive. He treated everyone equally. He was the best missioner in Wau Diocese and a good shepherd. I cannot forget what Canon Kenneth did when I was at St. Paul’s University. He supported me financially to finish my studies. He also sent me books which are very useful me.

Kenneth will be remembered by the people of Wau Diocese as someone who loved them and who committed himself to supporting them in different ways individually or in a group.

Let us all learn from the love of Canon Kenneth to serve the Church and be committed as he was during his lifetime because he loved all people in Wau Diocese as his own people.

Also I am requesting Diocesan Bishop Moses to plan something about Canon Kenneth so that his name can be remembered. It could be a school or any building at St. John College or in the Diocese.


May God Rest Canon Kenneth J. H. Hearn’s soul in the eternal life-Amen