By the Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol

Readings: Exodus 14:10-end, Mark 16:1-8


1) Pharaoh’s Permission and Change of Mind

Pharaoh and His Officials allowed Israelites to go after the last plague (killing of Egyptian first born sons). He later changed his mind because;

  • The Lord hardened his heart-The Lord could be hardening El Bashiir’s heart now.
  • He realized that he lost a large workforce- North could be missing its workers.
  • Fear of losing Credibility –NCP could be suffering from the same now.
  • He ordered his army to pursue Israelites- Now happening, North and South.

2) The Lord Directed Moses

The Lord told Moses to tell Israelites to Camp near the Sea. This was the Lord’s Ambush to the Egyptian Army but both the Egyptian Army and the Israelites did not know the Lord’s plan. This still happens to us today-e.g. Kuanyin time.

When Israelites saw the Egyptian Army approaching they cried to God and blamed Moses for bringing them out of Egypt-This is happening today e.g. during the war- Garang was blamed.

Moses assures the people that the Lord will deliver them. God told Moses to stretch his staff over the sea in order to divide the water which he did and the Lord used the wind to divide the water.

3)  The moving of the Clouds

The Angel of the Lord moved the Clouds from the front to behind the Israelites giving darkness behind and light ahead. The light helped the Israelites to cross the sea and the darkness prevented the Egyptian Army from moving forward. The Army eventually moved into the Sea and their Chariots got stuck. The Soldiers realized that the Lord was fighting on behalf of the Israelites and so they recognized him but their recognition came too late to save them. The Lord told Moses to stretch his staff again and the water returned to the sea and all the Egyptian soldiers were killed.


4) The Lord is in Control of Nature

  • God can use natural forces to save or take human life. E.g. he used wind to save the Israelites and water to kill the Egyptian Army.
  • God can also use what you have to either save or take human life-e.g. He used Moses stick to save Israelites and to kill the Egyptian Army.

5) Israelites Trust God and Moses

The Israelites put their Trust in the Lord and Moses his servant, but God’s plan for salvation was bigger than the Israelites thought. He used the Israelites to produce Christ to save all people from slavery to sin and death through his suffering, death and resurrection which we are celebrating today.


So let’s trust in Christ to deliver us from slavery to sin and death through his resurrection.
Alleluia Christ has risen indeed.