Bishop Moses Deng of WauThe newly elected Bishop for Episcopal Church of the Sudan's (ECS) Diocese of Wau, Right Reverend Moses Deng has been enthroned to assume full powers and responsibilities bestowed upon him by the Church.


Right Reverend Bishop Moses Deng, a former World Vision Sudan Christian Commitments Coordinator, was elected Bishop of Wau Diocese in October 2009. Bishop Moses was enthroned March 14, 2010 at Good Shepherd Cathedral Church in Western Bahr El Gazal State Capital Wau to assume full powers and responsibilities bestowed upon him by the ECS.. The transition of Right Reverend Bishop Moses Deng Bol from a relief worker to Church's leadership position tells a story of God's unfailing plan for every man. Moses was born in 1976 at Maker village, Akon Payam, Gogrial West County, Warrap state, Sudan. Deng Spent the best part of his childhood in the cattle camp and village where schools were non existent. Children had no access to formal education. They looked after cows.



Bishop Moses surrounded by children at his enthronementDeng became a Christian after a serious illness that forced him to leave cattle camp to seek medical treatment in home village. While pursuing medical treatment he met a young evangelist Wilson Garang, who taught him to read and write Dinka dialect. After learning Dinka, he started leading prayers in the church while teaching others as well. In 1994 he became evangelist. He attended various Bible trainings to build his capacity in church leadership. In 1995, he traveled to Khartoum to seek better treatment. At Mugelid on his way to Khartoum, Deng was detained on suspicion of being a member of Sudan People's Liberations Army/Movement (SPLA/M).


While in detention he was tortured by Sudan Armed forces before being released. When he was released, he had no money to pay for his transport to Khartoum, so he spent several months working in Kenana Sugar factory to raise some money for treatment and transport back to the South. But he could not make enough money to pay for both the treatment and transport. So decided to travel to Wadmedani near Khartoum where he worked as brick layer to earn a living and safe some money for his transport back to South Sudan.


The moment of EnthronementDeng managed to come back to Southern Sudan in 1997 and continue his worked as an Evangelist in the church. On 22 January 1999 he was ordained as Deacon by Bishop Reuben Machir of Chueibet Diocese. O 17th October 1999 he was ordained full Priest according to the Anglican order by Bishop Henry Chuir Riak of Wau Diocese. In December 1999 he travelled to Kenya to pursue further medical treatment.


It is in Kenya that Deng began seeing God's plan for his life. He found both treatment and Education in Kenya, but God wanted him to be his minister. He would spend the next 10 years of his life being nurtured for the task. In 2001 he got scholarship and went to Berea Theological College where he did a two years Diploma in Theology. On September 11, 2001, the day the terrorist attacked New York and Washington, s the day He was enrolled for his Diploma program in Berea. In September 2003 Deng joined St Paul's United Theological College in Limuru to do A Bachelors of Divinity Degree (BD) He graduated with a degree in Theology in May 2006. On 1stJuly 2006 he starts working for Suda n Education and Development Agency (SEDA) as a Project co-coordinator, in Gogrial, East County in Warrap State.


Bishop Moses Deng and Bishop David StancliffeMoses joined World Vision Sudan (WVS) in June 2007 as the Christian Commitment Program Officer. In April 2008, Moses was promoted to the position of Christian Commitments Coordinator. During his Service with (WVS), He worked with WVS leadership to integrate CC activities, which included daily devotions into the national Office programming. Moses says he enjoyed working for World Vision and that the experience he has gained in relief and development work will be very useful in his new role as Bishop and in continuing to work closely with the communities. "I have learned a holistic approach to the have evangelism integrated with social development and advocacy. My experience as CC Coordinator will help me in managing the Diocese", Deng said.


Having worked for WVS, Deng expects to use his knowledge of Church relations with the community to strengthen community bonds. In light of the persistent tribal clashes in Warrap state, Deng is not going to sit back and offer prayers for the tribal conflict to end; he will use his position and experience to strengthen peace among the communities in his Diocese. "I have build trust with the people whom I met through World Vision so I am not going to start from the scratch. My experience with World Vision is going to help me in my new role as Bishop. I strongly believe that I will be helpful to the community in promoting peace within the Diocese."