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St John’s Theological College is currently a small venture attempting to serve a cluster of eight ECS dioceses in the Bahr el Ghazel area of South Sudan. There is a great need for the expansion of services and so a long term plan has been developed to grow the college in every respect to meet the demands of the dioceses it is set to serve. Establishing a suitable training facility in this area of South Sudan is very necessary to maintain an appropriate level of cost effective theological tuition to strengthen the current and future ECS clergy and lay staff of the eight Bahr el Ghazel cluster dioceses. St John’s seeks to become one of the ECS provincial theological colleges.


Our Current Fees

The following is a breakdown of school basic fee from 2012-2013


 Tuition admission Fee and other charges

USD  per a year

SSP per a year






Tuition Fee




Admission fee                    (paid once)




Refundable Student Deposit*




Accommodation fee      (for three years)




Medical Cover




Course Books







*The Student Deposit is taken in lieu of any potential damage caused by a student during their stay. It is refunded conditionally at the end of each year’s study.


Please Note

All fees are subject to increases due to economic factors and are reviewed annually.

St.John’s Theological College will open on 16th January 2013 and plans to admit 15-20 Students for the next academic year of 2013-2014.



The Ten Year Plan

We firmly intend to grow this college into a centre of excellence for theological tuition. Below find our proposed projects which we are inviting contributions towards to achieve.


Proposed Projects: 2013-2024

 1.       Class Rooms and administration block.

Our first and greatest challenge is lack of a dedicated school building; the college is being hosted by the Diocese of Wau within the buildings it already has. This places great pressure on the Diocese because it has limited buildings and infrastructure.

St.John’s vision is that within the next eleven years from 2013-2024, the College will have its own concrete building well equipped and furnished. We intend to raise funds locally and internationally to construct a concrete building with the capacity for 150-200 students. A quotation for this construction will be posted to website as soon as it is ready.


 2.       Hostels for female and male students

Most students travel to study at St John’s and so need lodgings. As part of the same vision for 2013-2024, St John’s College needs to have its own hostels for both male and female students. A quotation for this construction will be posted to website as soon as it is ready.


 3.       Computer Lab

Nowadays Its hard to avoid technology as the world progressively modernizes, therefore St John’s plans to have a computer lab within these years of vision 2014-2024 where students will have access to information, help in academic related research work and also training in Information Technology and Communication. Students that study here should have an equal understanding of IT as any others.


4.       St John Library.

St John’s Theological College needs to develop and expand its library facilities as part of its vision 2013-2024. A well equipped Library is important to provide our students with relevant materials needed for their courses.


5.       Transport

Part of the long term planned growth of St John’s means a need for transport within South Sudan for business and activity on behalf of the college. A vehicle will allow cheap transport within South Sudan for staff members for educational activities or meetings . As the number of staff members grows so may the need for local transport and so as a long term aim two motorcycles and a bicycle are suggested efficient for local use. 

  • Vehicle for College, $45,000
  • 2 Motorcycles for staff $3,000
  • 1 Bicycle- $200


We appeal to our friends everywhere, individuals and churches to help us with funding for any of our long term projects. South Sudan has only recently emerged after 22 years of civil war which has left lots of untold devastation in our local churches. There is a high demand from our local pastors to be trained. Wau Diocese itself has about 400+ pastors who have never had any proper theological training.

St John’s would also welcome good quality used theological books and volunteer lecturers who may be willing to share time with us.

St.John’s is the first theological school founded since the arrival of Christianity to the Greater Bahr el Ghazal area by Missionaries! It seeks to serve eight huge dioceses all with large numbers of poorly trained pastors; Aweil Diocese as an example has almost the same number of Pastors as Wau.


Make a Contribution

Your contribution to the future of our theological college would be highly appreciated. Please contact us if you wish to contribute and we will provide you with all the information needed for you to make your contribution.

Contact details:


Bishop of Wau Diocese:                                Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol



Principal of the College:                                  Rev Joseph Mamer



Wau Diocesan Office:                                 Hai Mozephin,
                                                                            Opposite Wau Teaching Hospital,
                                                                            C/O ECS Provincial Office,
                                                                            P.O. Box 110,
                                                                            South Sudan



Alternatively send a message to our UK based webkeeper

Diocesan Webmaster:                                Dave Lewis




Thank you and we appreciate your contributions in building up St John’s Theological College in South Sudan, Wau.

                                                Principal Joseph Mamer