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Christian Development Agency {CDA} is a Christian NGO formed in 2016 to serve the communities in Bahr el Ghazal region. CDA originally support the Churches and community to do development projects. The organization focuses on the following programs: Education, Agriculture, Peace Building, Health care, Evangelism, Water, Church development training of the pastors and scholarships for different fields.


CDA ‘s Vision Statement

To transform the Church by promoting development in the community by engaging them to be self-supportive and self-reliance to address all aspects of human life.


CDA’s mission statement.

To transform the communities to become self-sufficient and self-reliance by contributing to agricultural production and access to education, health and sustainable development.


Our Core Values:-

1.  We are committed to the poor and the vulnerable people in relieving their suffering and promoting transformation to the conditions of life.

2.  We value and respect all people regardless of their gender differences and have partnership with other organizations.

3.  We act in ways that respect the dignity and spirituality of every person.

4.  We work with the vulnerable as active participants emphasizing equality, impartiality and non-discrimination.

5.  We believe in professionalism, sustainability of our resources and the environment, transparency and accountability in our work.

CDA’s interventions are in the thematic areas of Food Security and Livelihoods, Basic Education, peace building, HIV and AIDS and adult literacy programme.


CDA’s governance and management structures:-

CDA is a membership organization whose members are drawn from the local Churches in Twic State, Bahr el Ghazal Region in South Sudan. The members through the general assembly elect their representatives to the board of trustees. Currently CDA has a board of trustees consisting of three members; one woman and two men. The board meets at least twice in year and also when circumstances demand. The boards of trustees appoint Program Manager who is the Chief Program Officer (CPO) of the organization. The Program Manager is mandated by the board to appoint other staff of the organization. The day to day management of the organization is overseen by the Program Manager and the Management Committee. Field staffs that do the actual implementation of the activities are present in all the locations where CDA operates.


Geographical operational areas:-

 CDA will be basing Twic (Mayen-Abun) and will run the following projects in the locations:

  1. Turalei
  2. Wunrok
  3. Aweng
  4. Pan-nyok
  5. Akoc
  6. Ajak-kuac
  7. Gogrial



Kuajok Office.

St. Mary’s Cathedral ,

Gogrial Diocese, Kuajok

Contact person:

Rev.Joseph Makuac Beck

Program Manager,
Email :

Tel.+211911800321, Mobile:+211922012224 +211954005803


Mayen-Abun Office

Twic State, South Sudan

Contact person:

Rev.Philip Ajing Manyuat

Project Coordinator



Tel: + 211956582196,