Bishop Calls for Peace in Warrap State

The Bishop of Wau Diocese His Lordship Moses Deng Bol made his first official church visit on Saturday in Kuacjok since his consecration in November last month in Akot, Lake State.

By Angelo Mathuch

The new Bishop was a Gurtong correspondent for Warrap State and World Vision Sudan’s Christian Commitment Coordinator for South Sudan before the Church called him back to serve in a new role.

He was welcomed into the state by the State Minister for Social Development and Religious Affairs Tito Ariik Mawien accompanied by various dignitaries from Wau.

Bishop Moses Deng calls for peace in Warrup state

For many, especially within the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS), the new Bishop is seen as a sign of unity and progress for the church after long years of virtual and apparent indifference of the Diocese.

“We greatly rejoiced when we heard that Moses Deng had been appointed as the new Wau Bishop. Things will happen!” said an elated SPLA Chaplain in Kuacjok James Akech.

The same feeling was echoed by a church member Martha Ajong. “Things (leadership) will improve”.

“The welcome for the Bishop in Tonj was so touching that you could have shed tears if you were there. One lady was so excited that she fainted for a while. Also, I learnt later in Wau that some who had stopped coming to the church had started coming back when Moses came”, said the Bishop’s wife Elizabeth Ajok.

The Church had been experiencing a rough time due to divisions and lack of well-trained pastors for effective teaching and leadership.

The Bishop, in his speech at the ECS Church explained his motto: United and Vibrant Church and his model of leadership – Good Shepherd (John 10:10-11).

In his exposition on the text, he stressed his point for the faithful:” I promise to be there even when things are difficult”, to which the congregation responded with a long applause.

“I also know that many of our pastors didn’t get to go to school during the war, and we must get them some training. I also know that some churches didn’t even get a piece of land, and as a church we must fight for the justice of others”, he said.

He also addressed the security concern in the state. “The Referendum is coming in 2011 and being the time when we will decide, we must stop these inter-clan conflicts which had been going on because it impedes our efforts and that of the government for peace. How would you be ready for the referendum if you are killing each other in the state”? He said with reference to the frequent insecurity in Tonj.

He urged the congregation to be peace-makers among the community and be the “salt of the earth” and spread the “love” Jesus urged his followers to proclaim.

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