Theological Training by Extension - TEE Begins in Wau Diocese

TEE logo for Wau dioceseRev Peter Angui Akook the Wau diocesan TEE coordinator reports that training was officially opened by Bishop Moses on the 11th January 2012 and it will officially close on the 21st March 2012 by Bishop Moses with the awarding of certificates to those passing the course. The TEE training was hosted in Kunyuk Girls Primary School in the town of Akon and was sponsored by Jumpstart-Sudan. 

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This term the following subjects are being taught:

1.Looking at the Old Testament (part one)
2.New Testament Survey (one)
3.Bringing People to Jesus
4.Talking with God
5.Foundations in Faith

Next year's lessons if funds are available to continue will include:

1.Looking at the Old Testament (part two-four)
2.Looking at the Old Testament (part one) -28 copies
3.New Testament Survey (two) -32 copies
4.Following Jesus -28 copies.


Rev Peter holding two TEE training booksThe people attending the lessons are both pastors who have had no chance before to get theological training, lay readers and evangelists from various denominations and archdeaconries not just the ECS. People have been invited from the ECS, Catholic church, Reformed Episcopal Church and Pentecostal Churches from around Aweil South Archdeaconry, Gogrial West Archdeaconry, Kuajok Archdeaconry and Akon Archdeaconry which is the place that this training has been conducted.

As part of the training Jumpstart-Sudan donated $ to cover the cost of trainers, cooks, security guards and feeding for weeks. They also supplied the following books:


1. Looking at the Old Testaments (part one to four) - 81 copies
2. New Testament Survey (part one - four) - 55 copies
3. Talking with God - 28 copies
4. Bringing People to Jesus - 28 copies
5. Foundations in Faith - 27 copies
6. Teaching through TEE - 2 cpoies
7. Good News Bible - 45 copies


Jumpstart-Sudan started sponsoring this T.E.E. program in 2005 but was held back due to shortage of funds until this year. There are no further talks being made with Jumpsart-Sudan for next years training program to continue. Although is willing to support this program they need a funding partner to help share the burden of the cost.  

TEE Books provided by Jump start Sudan

Rev Peter is keen to remind people that this is the first TEE session that Wau Diocese has attempted and it would very much like to do more as the need for theological education is great but it requires help in order to do so. Please pray for the needs of the Wau Diocese TEE program and help if you are able. 

We have the following prayer requests:

Pray for us to find our own site for the training.
Pray for us to get a signboard,poles,bamboo,wire and nails for fencing the site.
Pray for the progress of this training program in Akon.
Pray for Bishop Moses's visitation to Akon on 21st March 2012 for the closing ceremony.
Pray for our partnership with Jumpstart-Sudan to continue in the future.
Pray for our program to gets more funds for its development.
Pray for Akon TEE to gets more friends in partnership.

Please pray for us and our needs