Dinka Rek Old Testament Translation Begins

By Rev William Majok Mayuang

Gathered to translate the BibleThe Dinka Rek Old Testament Translation Begins at Good Shepherd cathedral, Wau Diocese on Tuesday 21st June to 23rd of June, 21 church leaders from across the Dinka Rek area took part in a workshop run by  Summer Institute Languages (SIL) at the ECS  Diocese of Wau compound. These leaders are part of the Translation Committee which is being formed to support the work of translating the Old Testament into Dinka Rek.

The inter-denominational committee drawn from Wau, Aweil, Tonj and Kuacjok have chosen 4 translators and they have prioritised the translation of the book of Genesis. Their long term aim is translation of the whole Old Testament into Dinka Rek in order to give Christians a better understanding of their God and background to the New Testament.  

SIL Guiding the participantsSIL was running this training in order for them to better understand the processes of Bible translation, their own role and to structure the committee to function well. The role of the Translation Committee includes selection and support of translators, advocacy for the project amongst the churches and the community, raising resources for the project, managing community checking of the drafted scripture and running of events that will promote Bible translation and use of the mother tongue. The creation of Dinka Rek Old Testament Bibles will help many people to come closer to God. There is something special in learning about Jesus in the language that you use every day. In the other hand it will help them to be strong in their faith and they will be able to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the people who have not yet received Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Beginning the processOne participant commented that he now saw that Bible translation was not an easy process. Another said he understood that the churches owned the project and it should not just be technical partners and funders involved to produce a Bible for the church to use.

Mrs Jackie Marshall Team leader of SIL thanked the Archbishop of Northern Bhar Ghazal Internal Province and the Bishop of Wau Diocese the Most Rev Moses Deng Bol. ”I am very grateful for the vision of these church leaders and for the sense of unity amongst us during the week. I thank Archbishop Moses Deng for the most welcoming of both facilitators and participants that come from different places and the accommodation of facilitators in the ECSS guest house. 



                                             Sil speaking at the interview