Chaplain of Prison Ministry Appeals to Christians

to Support Prisoners


By Rev William Majok Mayuang

Rev Angela appeals for helpThe chaplain of prison ministry Rev Angelina Ayen Chagai who is now leading the Bishop Riak Prison Ministry appealed to all the Christians and friends to support the prisoners who are in Wau Prison Centre on Sunday 28th May 2017 at Good Shepherd cathedral, Wau Diocese.

Addressing the faithful at Good Shepherd cathedral Rev Angelina Ayen explained the situation of the prisoners that are in Wau Prison Centre, “I would like to register my appeal to all of you dear fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to contribute whatever you have to support the prisoners. The numbers of people living in prison currently is very large. Some of which die because they are lacking food, some of them have been put in prison for simple offenses. It will be a great loss to the church and South Sudan as a nation because these young people who are suffering are the leaders of tomorrow”. She said.

Living conditions of the people in prison are very bad because they have a lot of challenges that are facing them currently like, food shortages. Some have been put to prison and no one is caring for them such people have nothing to eat for them to survive. They also lack mosquito nets which is the most dangerous thing for them, some lose their lives simply because they sleep openly without mosquito nets at night. Mosquitoes come and bite them and later will cause malaria for them and there is no health care for them either. I therefore appeal to each and everyone here who like to share the pain and suffering of our fellow human beings to help the prisoners in this hour of need to donate whatever they have like clothes, soap for bathing, money, mosquito nets, food and etc. she added

The faithful listen Rev Angelina Ayen thanked the Archbishop of Northern Bhar Ghazal Internal province and the Bishop of Wau Diocese the Most Rev Moses Deng Bol for appointing her to lead the prison ministry and she also thanked the family of the Vicar of St Margaret’s Whitnash and Warwick Gates Community Church Rev Richard Suffern for supporting the Bishop Riak Prison Ministry’s team in Wau and that of Gogrial Diocese.

She requested all the faithful in Christ pray for those who are in the prison for God’s guardianship upon them and for God to provide for their needs.  The faithful congregation responded to Angelina’s appealed with a round of applause and they promised to contribute whatever they have to help prisoners that are suffering in Wau Central Prison.