Ox-Plough Training Proposal Need in Tonj Area Diocese

 By Rev John Bol Angui.

Ox-plough training proposal need in Tonj area Diocese for the community sustainability of food security in the areas of tonj state. The plan has now put on the proposal project by the Rt. Rev Bishop Peter Yuol Gur of Tonj area Diocese’s administration under Wau Diocese of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSSS). Bishop Peter Yuol Gur has eventually noticed the need of the community to get ox-plough and introduce the training of the oxen for cultivation in order to improve agricultural products in the area.

The purchasing plan of the ox-ploughs and training of more oxen for cultivation is a really priority need for the community to make cultivation easy for them in order to have enough food in all their locations in every harvest times. Ox-plough is one of the modern cultivation system which can help a farmer to cultivate a large piece of farm land when the oxen are trained for the ploughings. Bishop Peter Yuol Gur realized that, the modern cultivation will help our community to successfully manage the sustainability and maintainability of food security in all the local areas where this farming modern method can be introduced. 

The cultivation in the past which based on local farm tools like maloda and hoes was wasting of times, farmers can wake up early in the morning and start digging for more hours of the day until late evening while still covered no enough piece of farming land. Therefore, the community have noticed that cultivation is very easy when there are enough trained oxen for the ploughing, which are usually used in the modern agriculture cultivation system. The community of Tonj Area Diocese requested Bishop Peter Yuol Gur to convey their need to others organization who might be willing to funds this program of modern farming system for them so that they get some ox-ploughs to change the old cultivation method to the new modern one.

We are really very eager in getting more when there is help from any friend we can find and who can help us to continue fund this program as we have needed and scheduled it in the proposal project. Therefore we have usually told the community and congregation to keep on praying for the progress of this agricultural program and to be more patient in proceeding this task toward the program’s destinations. We have usually told our community and congregation to keep on hoping, we always told them that God is going to make the things different soon in the future like we have certainly done now.

We are now looking forward to hear from any one/organization who might be willing to fund this agricultural proposal project for the length of one year time which will enables the ECSSS Tonj Area Diocese’s administration to sufficiently and effectively run the project plans and achieving goals in a successful manner. As well it can meet our common expectation as we had scheduled it in our program statement and objectives/goals. 

We are very sure that enough is being done to do the best in the seasons of the next cultivation if we get funding and have expanded this program to reach the others. The community and the church members are very ready and pleased to welcome/receive any donation from you for this proposal project.

Thank you all for your time used to share with us and we welcome any organization which has such a program in its objectives and may be willing to join hands with us for even more progresses of this agricultural proposal project implementation in the community.

We will be very grateful and thankful to receive any notices about the progress of this proposal project that you may commend to your organization. Please contact program director Bishop Peter Yuol Gur.

The tools we use waste our time     Local tools for farming is really wasting farmers’ time. 

    Ox ploughs are very effective   Ox-plough coupled for ploughing gets community experience of how easy it can be to train more oxen for farming.

There is enough fertile farming land in Tonj area Diocese for community farming. We have very fertile soil

Children depend on the farm

Children posing for photos by the farm.                               

Tonj Area Diocese has different types of farming
land and different crops.

We can grow many types of crops  We need to progress agriculture

                 ECSS Tonj Area Diocese needs to service the community with modern farming systems.