A New Mission Initiative

By Bishop Moses Deng

There is a very vibrant and exciting local mission initiative which we have started in Wau Diocese and is going on very well, but faces the usual challenge of limited financial support.

Our Diocesan Mission and Evangelism Team have marked several areas where they want to plant churches in the Diocese including in the two Area Dioceses under Wau (Tonj and Gogrial). They have organized themselves to visit these areas on a Weekly basis to preach the Gospel as well as the message of forgiveness and reconciliation to the local communities.

They have been visiting some places at least once a Month this year but we are planning for the team to be visiting different locations every Weekend (leaving on Friday afternoon and return on Sudan afternoon) next year.

The team carry with them the well known Jesus film which they show on Friday and Saturday evenings, conduct an open air event on Saturday afternoon and a Sunday Service on Sunday morning.

Many people have been baptized and new Churches planted in most of the villages the team has visited this year. We have found this to be a very useful way of not only planting Churches but also for mobilizing Christians for local mission.

Our main challenge in this initiative is our limited financial ability. We have asked all the Parishes in the Diocese to give 10% of their income towards this mission but the money we get is not enough to cover the cost of fuel for a generator (for running Jesus film) and car as well as food for the team. 

We estimate that each Mission trip will cost about $100 which comes to around $5000 for the whole year.

I am therefore appealing to those of you can to connect us with any mission partner who you think may be willing to support this initiative financially wholly or partialy. This programme will one day be self sustained through the 10% contribution from local parishes, when the current economic crisis in the country has improved.

Every Blessing +Moses