Luo service introduced at Good Shepherd Cathedral

By Rev William Majok Mayuang.

Luo ChristiansThe first ever Luo service was introduced at Good Shepherd Cathedral on Sunday 5th Feb 2017.

The service was established as a results of the arrival of thousands of members of Luo community who have been displaced by the recent fighting between rebels aliened to former vice president Dr Riak Machar and Dinka Militia known as Gelweng [cattle guards] from Tonj North.

The Bishop of Wau Diocese Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol attended the Luo service at the cathedral and welcome members of Luo community who attended the service.

Bishop Moses leads the Luo serviceThe introduction of the Luo service brings the services at the Cathedral in different languages to four English, Arabic, Dinka and Luo.

Members of the Luo community welcomed the introduction of the Luo service in the cathedral and thanks Bishop Deng for welcoming them in the cathedral and for appointing Rev James Bol as the pastor in charge of the Luo congregation.

The Diocesan mission and evangelism coordinator Rev Joseph Uyu Uguak delivered a message of hope from Jeremiah 29: 11-14 to the congregation in Luo language.

The Diocesan Relief and Development coordinator Rev Andrew Apiny prayed for the sick and children who have lost their parents in the fighting.

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  Rev Joseph speaks     The Luo Community


   Rev Andrew prays with the Luo Children Bishop Moses finishes the Luo service