IDPs Urged to Maintain Peaceful Co-existence 

By Rev William Majok Mayuang.

Bishop Moses SpeaksThe internally displaced persons {IDPs} have been urged to maintain peaceful co-existence in the camp.

Addressing the IDPs at Good Shepherd Cathedral compound on Saturday morning, the Bishop of Wau Diocese Rt Rev Moses Deng Bol and the paramount chief of the former Jur-river County (now divided into 5 counties) Deng Kuol urged the IDPs to observe peaceful co-existence among themselves.

The E.C.S.S camp is inhabited by members of the Luo, Dinka and Fertite communities making it the only camp which is accommodating different communities in Wau state and one of a few such camps in South Sudan.

IDPs listen to speechesThe two leaders were responding to the rumors which were being circulated that there were tensions between some members of the Luo and Dinka community within the camp. According to the rumors the tensions started when some members of the Luo community accused the Dinka community of attacking them and looting their villages forcing them to run to the IDPs camp where living conditions are very bad. Some members of the Dinka community in the camp reacted to the accusation by accusing members of the Luo community of generalizing all the Dinkas including those whose homes have either been looted or burned by the Dinka militia, popularly known as Gelweng [cattle guards].

The Chief Speaks to the IDPsSpeaking in Dinka language Bishop Deng appealed to members of the Dinka community not to feel bad when members of the Luo community generalized them. He quoted a Dinka proverb which says, “E dien tok yen waar rac nyin” (It is one bird which spoil the river/drinking water source) which means the rest of the birds are being blamed for the mistakes of one bird.

Chief Deng Kuol also appealed to members of the Luo community in Luo language urging them to be considerate of their accusations against the Dinka community since they know the Dinkas who are in the camp have equally been affected by the conflict.

IDPs sleeping on open groundThe IDPs welcomed the message of the two leaders with many rounds of applause and promised to maintain peaceful co-existence among the different communities in the camp.

Mr. Kuol Bol Bol from Luo community said that we must maintain peaceful co-existence among ourselves including the Dinkas within the camp here because we are sharing the same living conditions with them. He said we should not generalize all the Dinkas specially those who are here in the camp with us because they are also displaced like us by the recent fighting. He thanked the Bishop for welcoming them at the Cathedral compound.

Mr Kuol Bol stresses a pointMrs. Mary Agorkou Cinraan from the Dinka community said that we must maintain peaceful co-existence with the Luo community here at the Good shepherd cathedral compound. She said that we should not feel bad when the Luo generalize us. In that way the Luo community will believe that not all the Dinkas are the problem to them but only Gelweng [cattle guards]. The Gelweng also include members of the Dinka and rebels aligned to former vice president Dr. Riak Machar.  She thanked the Bishop for welcoming different tribes at the E.C.S.S Good Shepherd cathedral compound.

Mrs Agorku speaks  Please Contact Wau Diocese if you would like to offer help of any kind to help the IDPs that we are caring for with our meagre resources.