Appreciation of Baroness Caroline for Her Special Birthday


Dear Baroness Caroline Cox Greetings from Wau South Sudan.

Baroness Cox with Archbishop MosesOn behalf of the people of Wau in particular and South Sudan in general and on my own behalf I wish you a very happy birthday as you turn 80 in July 2017.  Your commitment to fight for justice and dedication to helping the poor and needy made you to travel to places others in similar positions as you, are afraid to go to. For example, you visited many very dangerous and very remote villages  and small towns in the border between South and North Sudan  such as Nyamlel, Marial-baai, Warawar, Mayen Abun, Turalei, Wunrok, Wanjok  Malualkon just to mention but  a few during the 21 years civil war.

These places where being bombarded by Sudan arms forces war planes from the air while pro-Government militia known as Muarleen (people on the move) raids these villages and towns on the back of horses almost on daily basis. Still you courageously and sacrificially not only visited the people living under constant attack in these villages but also spent days with them in villages where there is no electricity, running water and toilet not to mention food and clean drinking water. Your courageous act of visiting these dangerous places during the bloodiest and longest civil war in Africa was a great source of inspiration, hope and encouragement for many South Sudanese.

Your dedicated work of mobilising funds to pay for the release of thousands of South Sudanese boys and girls, young men and women who were taken as slaves by Muraleen is a great testimony to Christ’s love and Christian solidarity. This reminds me of the story of the Good Samaritan in the book of Luke 10:25-37.

Your support for many internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Wau Diocese through your organization (HART) and through your own personal contributions is a clear indication of your unchangeable commitment to helping the poor and the needy. I will never forget your statement that “I cannot do everything but I must not do nothing”. Indeed you are always the first to response to my appeal for help for the IDPs since war broke out in South Sudan in 2013. Your contribution to other development projects such as construction of Nyieth and Emmanuel Primary schools is also a testimony of your commitment to give needy children a better future and it is very much appreciated by the people of Wau.

Once again I WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY and God’s blessings as you joint the 80th club

The Most Rev Moses Deng Bol

Archbishop of Northern Bhar El Ghazal Internal Province and Bishop of the Diocese of Wau

Episcopal (Anglican) Church of South Sudan