A Church Project in Ayien

by Rev Philip Ajing                                                                                        [ Project Proposal ]


St Paul's Church This is to inform you that,I am an archdeacon of Twic Archdeaconry in the Diocese of Wau in South Sudan. I would like to mention the needs of St.Paul's Parish at Ayien Amuol in Twic County ,Warrap State South Sudan. The area has been affected by the political conflict between the government and rebels led by Riek Machar since 2013 up to now. The area is poor and may people have deep social needs as well as the experience of poverty.

St.Paul's Parish was constructed in 2012 with open windows and doors. The area is bordering the North east of Unity State and Abyei North West.So the community has been disturbed by tribally based war since 2013. It is crucial to secure the doors windows and floor to protect the valuable church buildng against the wind and rain as well as preventing looting or damage. Many people leave our church to worship at other churches because it is not completed. This is affecting our ability to provide an effective ministry to the people around us in need. The cost of this work is just $4700 (USD)   Click here for a full proposal to see the details. 

Therefore  we need prayers as well as support because  the community is unable to raise funds in order to fix windows and doors in the church. Please see the photo of  St.Paul's Parish Church at Ayien Amuol. 

Please pray for our needs and if you would like to help please contact the Diocesan Secretary  Thank You

Diocesan Secretary